Lifting Accessories

Our Services for Lifting Accessories

The awareness that the lifting field requires great safety has always committed us to deal in and assemble products of absolute reliability and which respond to most lifting needs. FTI offers its customers a complete range of accessories such as:
- Grade 8, grade 10 and stainless steel chain slings
- Polyester and lashing systems
- Rope slings
- Accessories (shackles, eyebolts, turnbucles, etc.)
- Clamps
- Weighing systems
- Magnetic Lifters

All STUD slings are supplied with an identification tag indicating th main data of the sling, such as capacity, serial number, CE symbol.
All the products with which we deal in are supplied with a Declaration of CE Conformity.

FTI also provides customers with the experience of its technicians, who - thanks to the accurate knowledge of the relevant regulations - can help and advise them in choosing the most appropriate and safe lifting and handling solution to be adopted for satisfying their needs.

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