Transfer Trolleys

Transfer Trolleys

We design and build various types of transfer trolleys on rails for handling coils, pipes or other types of loads - capacities and dimensions on specific customer request.

Our transfer trolleys move on fixed paths, can be powered in various ways (spring or motorized cable drum, bus-bar, ...) and are suitable for loads transfer between the various bays of an industrial warehouse, from the warehouse to the yard or to standardize a transhipment along a production line.

Handling can be managed by an operator on the ground, through a push button / remote radio control or by an operator on the trolley platform, through on-board controls.

All our transfer trolleys are designed and built according to current safety regulations, both from a mechanical and an electrical point of view.

Attached to the offer, we provide a preliminary drawing of the trolley, indicating its approximate weight and overall dimensions.

All our transfer trolleys are CE marked and complete with instruction, use and maintenance manual.

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