Inspections, Maintenance & Periodic Checks

Inspections, Maintenance and Periodic Checks

FTI SRL, engineering company with a lot of experience in the industrial lifting field, is particularly sensitive and attentive to the issue of safety at work.

With this mission, in 2004 was born FTI SERVICE division, whose focus is to support companies, in the specific area of “under-hook” lifting equipment, in fullfilling the Legislative Decree 81/08, Consolidated Safety Act, which establishes rules, procedures and preventive measures to be taken to make the workplace safer.

FTI SERVICE offers following services:

- Check and maintenance of:

• Chain slings

• Polyester slings

• Wire Rope slings

• Lifting accessories, such as i.e. hooks, shackles, eyebolts, …

• Clamps, Forks

• Lifting spreader beams, “C” hooks, …

- Scheduled Checks

- Register issuing, keeping and updating of periodic checks

- Training Courses

In particular, as far as maintenance and periodic checks are concerned, our SERVICE includes:

- Equipment & Accesories Census

- Visual & Dimensional Check

- Non destructive testing: magnetoscopic tests (on request)

- Non destructive testing: penetreting liquids (on request)

- Requalification and new certification, if applicable, of existing chain slings

- Checks Register Issuing, Keeping & Updating

This register is always available, accessible and printable by the customer through a dedicated internet portal: with a personal username & password, the customer can access its private area containing the details of the checks carried out and scheduled and the related updating after each check.

FTI SERVICE also makes available to the customer its team of expert technicians, with a lot of experience in under-hook lifting equipment and an in-depth knowledge of the related European standards, to support and advise him on the most appropriate and safe solutions to be adopted to deal with lifting problems and therefore to satisfy its needs.

Our technicians, constantly up-to-date and trained, have the following qualifications:
- CICPND Level 2 Certification in Non Destructive Testing by magnetoscopic method (MT) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9712 Standard
- CICPND Level 2 Certification in Non Destructive Testing by penetreting liquids (PT) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9712 Standard
- Training course on the Electrical Regulations "Safety in electrical work without voltage, near and under voltage, for people who are warned, experienced and suitable" with reference to the CEI 11-27 / 1 standard
- Authorization to use P.L.E. and D.P.I. 3rd cat.
- Training course for forklift trucks operators
- Training course for the inspection of individual textile fall arresters
FTI SERVICE technicians can intervene at customer site by means of mobile units, adequately equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform checks and non-destructive analyzes on materials, such as those with magnetic particles and penetrating liquids.

FTI SERVICE mobile units are also equipped with a wide range of accessories in order to prepare the most suitable equipment on site for the operations requested by the customer and to promptly resolve any lifting problems or emergencies.

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