Lifting / Spreader Beams

Our Lifting / Spreader Beams

FTI Srl designs and produces various type of lifting / spreader beams which dimensions, structure, upper connection and lower accessories are studied and defined taking into consideration the type of lifting to be carried out and the specific customer needs.

Lifting / spreader beams can be single girder, “H” or cross type, for big-bags or boats hauling, with telescopic option, etc., built in HE profiles or box-beam type.

Each lifting / spreader beam is equipped with a suitable upper connection which, depending on size requirement and stability, can be of different types: central, through 2-legs sling, pin, adjustable, appropriate to be used with a forklift, etc.

As far as the load handling is concerned, our lifting / spreader beams can be equipped with fix or movable hooks and complete with various accessories and connecting components, as i.e. chains, wire ropes, poliester slings, shackles and/or different type of hooks.

Our lifting / spreader beams are designed and built in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC (essential safety and health protection requirements to prevent particular risks due to a lifting operation) and Legislative Decree 81 dated 9 April 2008 (regarding the safety protection in the workplace) and according to the standards: UNI EN -13155 06-2009 (Lifting devices - Safety - Removable load handling equipment); UNI EN -12100 part 1 and 2 (machinery safety); Eurocode 3 UNI EN 1993.

Our lifting / spreader beams are CE marked and supplied complete with installation, use and maintenance manual.

Lifting beam with auxiliary beams equipped with movable hooks

Lifting beam with lower shackles in fixed position

Spreader beam with connection to crane hook by 2-legs chain and lower movable hooks

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