FTI deal in a wide range of clamps, with a lightweight and aereodynamic design, which make them easier to handle and suitable for:

- Clamps for vertical lifting

- Clamps for horizontal lifting

- Clamps for stainless steel / hardox lifting

- Clamps for profiles lifting

- Clamps for drums lifting

- Clamps for pipes, tubes, round materials lifting

- Clamps for rails lifting

- Multi-purpose screw clamps

Some clamps are available with enlarged jaw-opening or special protection to guarantee non-marking of the materials to be lifted. Our clamps are maintenance friendly and easy to exchange parts.

Our clamps meet all standards and requiremente like: European Norm NEN 13155, American Norm ASME b30.20-2010, Australian Norm 4991 and European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

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