Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic Lifters are safe, practical, sturdy and reliable systems for an easy handling of flat and round ferromagnetic pieces, without a continuous external power supply.
Available in different models and capacity up to 2000 kg, they allow a single operator to handle the load, anchoring and lifting it form the above, without any deformation ora damage.
The permanent magnetic lifters are activated manually and suitable, thanks to their compact and light construction, to the most diverse fields of use, even in confined space

Movable Weighing Systems

FTI deals in crane scales and weighing systems to be applied, in example, to bridge cranes, pallet trucks or lift truck forks.

Professional digital crane scales, easy to use and reliable, with compact size, suitable for the weighing in industrial environments and available both in version for factory use and CE-M approved version.
Pallet trucks, easy to handle and use, can be supplied complete with a weight indicator or with an integrated electronic weighing system.
Available in stainless steel and in version suitable for hazardous areas (Atex) and CE-M approved.

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