Design and Production of Certified Lifting and Handling Equipment

Designing, in the vocabulary of Italian language, means drawing, conceiving, creating, inventing, thinking and, in a broader sense, planning, predicting, programming.

For our company, designing means all these things, but not only. For us, it means also making our experience and passion available to customers, interacting with them, listening and understanding their needs, facing their realities, designing solutions that fully meet their requirements.

FTI makes its team of experienced and qualified technicians available to customers to support and advise them on the most suitable and safest solution to meet their needs, always in compliance with current regulations.

Our passion for engineering is behind our product policy, that is the manufacture of customized lifting and handling equipment, specifically designed for every single customer.

Our equipment are employed both in heavy industries and in small workshops.
We build lifting equipment such as spreader beams, slewing hooks, clamps and transfer torlleys, also controlled by remote control or PLC.

As a matter of fact, the designing of specific solution for each customer is FTI main essence.
Our commitment is focused on constant attention paid to handling and lifting problem solutions, in full compliance with safety regulations and with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC provisions.

All our equipment are CE marked and supplied with CE Declaration and Installation, use and maintenance manual.

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